Luna’s Living Kitchen is an organic, mostly raw restaurant that has been serving plant-based cuisine since 2010. Luna’s is a ‘living’ kitchen because our food is prepared fresh each day to preserve nutrients and enzymes vital to your well-being.

Our relationship with the community is also living, ever-evolving and expanding. Luna’s is a labor of love, from the local farmers who plant seeds for our produce, to the team whose hands prepare the meal and our customers, family and friends who create the conversations, the life of our restaurant. In addition to food, we enthusiastically participate in charitable events.

We believe that health, beauty and art can be served on a plate. We believe that sustainable food and using 100% compostable products supports sustainable wellness and a long-lasting planet.

We believe in food that is prepared without refined sugars, preservatives, eggs, dairy or animal products, to deliver the very best to you.