Lunas Living Kitchen

Welcome to Luna’s Living Kitchen’s new site! We are so proud of it, and hope you continue to enjoy it as we add new features.

At Luna’s we’re turning over a new leaf, while maintaining our founding principles. Here are some exciting, new things to look out for:

Opening for dinner. You may have heard through the grapevine: Luna’s is opening for dinner starting Tuesday, Sept.4th! We will now be open from 8am – 9pm (Monday – Saturday).

Expanded menu. Yes, opening for dinner means new menu options such as a savory taco salad, a raw burrito, a curry bowl and more! Lunch and dinner items will all be served from 11am – 9pm.

New teammates! You may have noticed new faces around Luna’s. We’ve hand-selected some pretty special people with a passion for community, creativity and healthy living. Outside of Luna’s, they’re pretty awesome too. We’ve got a magazine and culture photographer, an afterschool percussion teacher, a student of macrobiotics, a native of Ethiopia, a mother of the cutest toddler on earth, and a girl with a Shel Silverstein tattoo. Think you can spot them?

New cold-pressed juices. Made fresh at our commissary kitchen, cold-press juicing is a superior way to juice. The machine (which looks like a giant telescope) juices by pressure, without denaturing enzymes or sacrificing nutrients (unlike the typical centrifugal juicer). The result is the crispest, freshest, most nutrient-dense beverage, served cold to you.

A new logo. Yes, we were fond of our elaborate moon drawing, too. But our new logo focuses less on the Luna’s and more on the living part of Luna’s Living Kitchen. Living food, living relationships and living ideas are what we’re all about. The new logo represents this effort and will allow us to increase our reach to more customers like you.

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See you soon!


  1. I’m so glad you opened for dinner! I was able to grab dinner there last night. My salad, Sprout It Out, was great. First time patron of the restaurant and I am excited to know such a great option exists in my neighborhood.

    I’ll have to stop by sometime to grab a smoothie or a juice. Do you allow customers to bring their own bottles/cups/containers for to-go orders?

    • Hi Janet,
      Thanks for your question and for commenting on the blog. I believe we already conversed on the Facebook page, but in case anyone else is wondering, customers can bring their own clean tupperware for to-go meals and we do fill bottles/cups for beverages made in our juice bar (with the exception of cold-pressed juices that are bottled). Thanks!

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