A Tale of Two Cleanses

Hi there, and thanks for your interest in our juice cleanse! Emily and I are one of a few rounds of guinea pigs at Luna’s testing out a future Luna’s Living Kitchen cleanse program. If you’re considering a cleanse or just curious about how they’re done, read on!

Introducing the subjects:

Emily, a Jill of all trades at Luna’s (server, dessert-and-juice-maker). She enjoys extremely long runs, witty banter and avocados. Hannah Taylor (me) server and manager of marketing at Luna’s. She enjoys chewing her food and reading under the Christmas tree.

That’s Emily (the witch, second to the right) and me (cheerleader, on the right) this past Halloween.


This is not as easy as I thought. The goal today is to drink 6-7 juices, or one every two hours. The day began this way:

8am: Hot water and lemon

9am: Tree of Life (Kale, parsley, celery, cucumber, lemon, ginger)- this nutrient-dense punch of greens are best absorbed on an empty stomach

11am: half Volcano (Orange, lemon, grapefruit, maple syrup, cayenne)- warms up the body & revs metabolism

When the lunch rush hit, Emily and I began noticing how often our minds wandered to food. “MMM that avocado basil sandwich looks delicious!” “Cacao-almond smoothie – yes please!” As we carried out plate after plate of toasted cranberry walnut bread with hummus and salads piled high and bejeweled with cherry tomatoes and twirls of sweet potato, we hankered for something to chew on as we sipped. Restraining ourselves from cheating, we chewed on the idea that we just needed to train our minds not to make a habit out of snacking. But c’mon. It’s hard to say no to this:

The vegan queen of veggie burgers: made-from-scratch classic burger with lemon parsley hummus and spicy salsa verde

Noon: Zinger (Beet, apple, orange, lemon)- Citrus to keep energy up in the middle of the day

2:30: half Volcano

At home, I started to feel on the verge of being hungry, so I went for the protein hit of raw, homemade almond milk.

4pm: Almond milk (Filtered water, almonds, dates, vanilla, pinch sea salt)

That natural date sugar and nut energy gave me the boost I needed. I perked up from my afternoon slump and went for a jog around the neighborhood with my dog. Afterward, I did cardio around my house for a half an hour and felt plenty energized. Not in a kick-in-the-pants coffee jolt way, but a light, buzzy alertness. So far so good…until dinner.

Yes, ma’am. It’s just that good.

7pm: My Daily Salad (Tomato, carrot, zucchini, cucumber, kale, celery, garlic, basil, water, olive oil, sea salt)

First, I must say, this juice (coming to Luna’s soon!) is super delicious. The fresh herbs mixed with organic veggies and a pinch of salt is like a garden-fresh gazpacho party in your mouth. But sitting across from my family eating piping hot bowls of tortilla soup, sliced baguette fanned out on a wooden cutting board, red wine and brie while I ate cold juice with a spoon…is less joyful. In between bites of brie, my father managed to nod out a “It’s really not that good” to meet my frowns.

Here’s the message: It’s a case of focusing on what you do have – in our case, 100% organic, cold-pressed juice to fuel and replenish  – and looking at the bigger picture. After a night of pizza and beer and some weeks of decadent desserts, Emily & I have set a goal to reset our taste buds to crave healthier foods. Your goal may be weight loss or the start of a new path toward eating healthy, fresh, whole foods as a way of life. As Emily and I soldier on, in search of what waits us on the other side of day 3, we invite you all to leave comments or ask us questions. We’re learning about this process and best practices along with you, so your future cleanse will be sweet and smooth as a Purple Rain.

Speaking of purple rain… Later tonight: Purple rain (Cabbage, Bosc pear, mint)



  1. I can’t wait for the Daily Salad, sounds tasty. I’ve been doing juice fasts for a while and your juices have already helped me achieve my goals. I am looking forward to hearing more about the cleanse program.

    Good luck and juice it up!

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